Halal Inn Pizza


With all our delectable options, we aim to satisfy your every craving. Featuring mouthwatering dishes made from scratch, our menu has something for everyone. Are you searching for a quick meal near you? Order delivery or takeout from our menu of pizzas, wings, desserts, sides, and more are available! You can choose from a variety of our popular recipes like BBQ chicken, Halal Meat Lovers pizza, Veggie pizza, and Supreme pizza. You can also build your own pizza using a variety of fresh ingredients.

Press coverage

Alex "This place is an absolute gem! Their prices are excellent, but their quality is even better. The pizza tastes very fresh. The ingedients are of higher quality. A bit like New York style pizza. Very chewy crust. The main star is their grilled chicken and rice. The rice is cooked very well, without the seasoning being overwhelming. Their grilled chicken is very tender, flavorful, with just a tiny bit of heat. Very impressed with my first visit.

Customer service was also quite friendly.


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Wajahat uddin Syed "meat lovers is a top seller here ..must try that .Thanks Mohd for the advice ."

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Caitlin Haycock "5 Stars for having my favorite diet soda!! Also great to visit Mohammad and catch the sights of Petra too! Affordable, fast and very clean 👍🏼 Very safe dining environment even with COVID"

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Bukweet McGee "OMFG THEIR GRILLED CHICKEN LUNCH SPECIAL IS SUPER JUICY, TASTY, & FILLING!! I was on my way somewhere else to grab food, but just so happened to notice this spot!! Boy am I glad I stopped by!! This will be my new lunch spot whenever I’m in the area 💯💯💯"

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